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                I grew up listening to the radio and my parent’s records—I credit my parents for my love for music. I remember singing with my dad—a man with a beautiful voice and a love for bluegrass and gospel music. And it was my mom who taught me the connection music has to your soul. I could tell how she was feeling by the songs she was listening to without saying a word. Probably has a lot to do with why I sing and play the songs I do—It brings me back to a place and time, makes me smile and tap my toes and want to dance. If I make that kind of connection when I sing it makes my day! In fact, I tend to remember peoples favorite songs more than I remember their names!

                Earlier on, Singing and playing guitar was through school (Choir and a few competitions in my youth—I even made it to state and nationals in my youth!) I’ve seen what music can do, soothe my children when they’re tired, bring back a wonderful memory, comfort a family, or friend, or sometimes someone I hardly know going through a hard time and sometimes during their last days. I guess I have finally figured out my “knack” with music—that same connection between music and memories. And hopefully, I can connect with you too.

                I live in the country where my husband and I have raised our four wonderful children. I love spending time with my family, gardening, camping, animals, and bonfires. I love to laugh, tell stories, sing, and play the guitar!


Mazeppa MN


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